9 Easy Steps To Follow When Key won’t Turn In Ignition

Top Reasons Why Your Vehicle Key Isn’t Turning On Ignition

A Locked Steering Wheel

Dirty Ignition Lock Cylinder

Damaged OR Bent Key

Damaged Wafers

9 Easy Procedures To Turn On The Ignition System With The Ignition Key

1. Re Insert The Key

2. Adjust The Steering Wheel

3. Check The Car Battery

4. Is The Gear Shift In the Right Position?

5. Use A Spare Key

6. Clean Up The Key Cylinder

7. Jiggle The Key To Free Up The Ignition Cylinder

8. Use Force

9. Take Help From An Expert Automotive Locksmith


When I put my key in the ignition, it won’t turn?

What causes the ignition to lock up?

Why can’t I get my key out of the ignition?

What would cause the ignition switch to lock up?

What does it mean if the ignition is locked?



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Elmer Harrison

Elmer Harrison

Elmer Harrison, and I’m the owner of Fast Locksmith. My company is a family business that provides locksmith services in Seattle WA Metropolitan Area.